My response to EDF’s climate confession email

This message from the Environmental Defense Fund:
really upset me. They have been giving cover to the oil and gas industry to keep fracking, so I took their invitation to write to them and sent the following:

I am distressed with your climate confession email because your hopeful graph isn’t telling the whole story. The graph only tells about carbon dioxide emissions from the energy sector. It ignores other sectors and, even more disturbingly, ignores the emissions of other greenhouse gases, such as methane. Methane is a much more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide and is particularly damaging in the twenty year timeframe, which is the critical time period in which we can temper climate change to make it only damaging to the planet and its inhabitants, instead of catastrophic.

It sickens me that EDF has fallen into the trap of the oil and gas industry to push ramping up unconventional fossil fuel extraction by HVHF in the name of helping the climate when what we really need to do is withdraw all support for fossil fuels and convert to renewable energy as quickly as possible.

Author: Joanne Corey

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2 thoughts on “My response to EDF’s climate confession email”

  1. It is sad to see government and government bodies worldwide falling to the pressure of the energy companies in an attempt to deny the destruction being caused by fossil fuels not just in the atmosphere but also on the earth crust. Foolish short term planning to wreak further havoc using more and more intrusive and dangerous methods of extraction won’t change the fact that it is a non-renewable resource. Renewable energy is the only way for long term provision for the world population and energy needs but until governments can step out from the shadow of large corporate bodies who control finance and media then there is little hope of change.


    1. Thank you for your comment. I spend a lot of time on environmental issues, especially against unconventional (and conventional) fossil fuels, for renewable energy and efficiency, and against climate change and pollution. You are correct that the level of corporate control is staggering, but I’m glad to know there are so many of us working on these issues.


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