The Bishop Museum

We spent the day at the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum in Honolulu. We had never been there before and were glad we decided to visit.

It is chock-full of artifacts, reproductions, and information from all periods of Hawaiian history. I especially liked the textiles, leis, and feather-work. I appreciated learning how the Hawaiians used the phases of the moon to keep time, with a name for each night of the lunar cycle. The moon governed activities such as planting crops and fishing. Attached to Hawaiian Hall is Pacific Hall, which examines commonalities among the peoples of Oceania.

There was a calendar overflowing with presentations by staff members. We attended a talk about native plants and a fantastic storyteller, relating a long tale of one of Hawai’i’s many gods. We saw a planetarium show about how the Polynesians used the stars to navigate, along with winds, currents, and birds, to find their way among the tiny islands in the vast Pacific. Brent and I went to a lava demonstration, where we got to hold various kinds of lava rocks, including the incredibly dense pillow lava from a deep underwater volcano, and see lava pour from a 2,000 degree furnace.

I even had a typical Hawaiian lunch at the museum’s cafe, featuring kalua pork and cabbage.

There was more to see than time allowed. I hope we will be able to visit again when we come back in the future.

Author: Joanne Corey

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