End of an era

This June marks the end of an era for me. Since my older daughter began singing in the youth choir at church when she was in third grade, one or both of my daughters have been singing in choir, cantoring, and/or ringing handbells nearly all the years that they were living at home. With my younger daughter scheduled to move away to begin graduate school in August and no likelihood of her or her sister living in our hometown again, after this month, I will not hear them singing or ringing on a regular basis.

Of course, I have heard them sing in other places: elementary, middle, and high schools; Gettysburg College; Cornell University; even Carnegie Hall in NYC. I’ve heard my older daughter sing at her now home parish in Honolulu. My younger daughter is hoping to find a chorus in which to sing while she is in grad school, which is only about a 90 minute drive, definitely close enough for concert attendance.

I’ve actually extended the era of hearing them sing in our church longer than anticipated, with my younger daughter living at home for two years while doing volunteer work and preparing for grad school, affording her the opportunity to sing for the first time with an adult, rather than youth or teen, church choir, and to join the new handbell choir at our current parish. She and her sister had both rung in the parish where they were baptized, which is now closed; she had missed ringing, so the new bell choir was a tremendous blessing for her personally, as well as for the parish.

While I don’t foresee a circumstance where our daughters would live here, it is possible that at some future point – after we are retired, perhaps – we might live near one or both of them and again get to hear their voices raised in song at church on a regular basis. I don’t know what the future holds, but I will try to cherish these last few times, hearing my daughter ring and sing, helping us all to lift our hearts and minds to God in prayer.


Author: Joanne Corey

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11 thoughts on “End of an era”

  1. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    Believe it or not I was a soprano till I was about 16 and sang in the Memphis Boys Choir as well as school functions. I was pretty good. Now I sound like I own a funeral home… -OM
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      1. @lauramacky: As it happened, I saw your comment in my email before I saw OM’s reblog comment. I approved it, but was thinking how did someone get funeral home out of my post? Now, I’m laughing, too!

        @OM: Thanks for the reblog! Boy soprano voices are lovely. I’m not sure what voice part constitutes funeral director, but I’m sure all the musical lessons you learned as a boy soprano can be transferred to wherever your voice has settled. (Sorry if I sound like an old church musician, but being an organist was my first paying job when I was about 12, so the description is somewhat apt.)


        1. oh haha! I can imagine that would’ve been confusing! I’m a musician as well having played piano since I was 4 and I also used to play for a choir way back when. Anyway, I’m glad I got you to laugh. Laughing is always good!


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