Reblog on Our Broken (Mental Health Care) System

I was very moved by Nina Gaby’s guest post on Sarah Cushman’s blog and wanted to share with others:

Author: Joanne Corey

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2 thoughts on “Reblog on Our Broken (Mental Health Care) System”

  1. It seems like our Mental Health Care System isn’t faring any better in Canada. Most of the people living on the streets are former psychiatric patients. Because they have no address they don’t have access to social assistance. At least they can walk into any emergency department in any hospital here and be seen by a doctor. But that is just a temporary fix.


    1. Until everybody gets a grip and realizes that all illnesses need to be treated appropriately and with respect for each individual, we will just keep having the same problems. Access to care in the US is improving, but we are still behind Canada.


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