checking stats at 3:30 AM

Because I was up and posting, I checked my stats and found out that the only person to visit my blog so far today was in Australia and reached this post because they searched for “raining on volcano.”

This is slightly mind-boggling to me. Someone on the other hemisphere from me – times two – visited my blog due to the power of a search engine.

I don’t know if s/he read my post. They may have been looking for science, rather than travelogue/musings. Just the concept of global connection is enough to make me ponder.

Little me and mystery person half a world away brought together for at least a moment.



Author: Joanne Corey

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13 thoughts on “checking stats at 3:30 AM”

  1. I also marvel at the connections we are able to make thanks to this vast almost infinite creation of the http://WWW...

    I always love when people come to my blog and respond to my interrogation, because it demonstrates a sound connection with someone I would otherwise have never met.

    #Yay for stats!

    Miss Lou


    1. Pleased to meet you, as well. Your blog has lots more followers than mine. Maybe in a few years, I will get to the level where you are currently. By then, you will probably be at 100,000, though. 😉


      1. LOL! I’m not exactly sure where or why. I do go through fits of interaction where I will work to reach as many people as I can leaving comments all over the place trying to make connections.

        Then I get so busy and drop off sometimes for months!

        I find it is not so much the number of followers but the degree of meaningful interaction! I have around 10 really regular blogging buddies who come and visit me all the time. That’s what counts. 🙂


  2. It is funny what your stats will show you. I’ve learned that one of my posts, which features an image that communicates “don’t throw toilet paper in the toilet,” is very popular, not for my great writing, but because people are searching for that image.


    1. LOL – Yes, I know. I was shamelessly angling for some of your readers to pop over here and check out my post and blog. I thought it would be okay as you were asking for examples and it is the only one I have. 😉


      1. Of course!!.. I understand.. lol *giggling*

        Not a problem at all.. If you edit the post and add the link to the bottom of your post then it will pink back from my own blog and other readers participating in Just Jot it July will be able to come over to your blog that way 🙂

        Honestly, I haven’t been here too much over the last 4 weeks, so readership tends to drop off a little after a hiatus – so apologies if you don’t get a huge bunch 🙂

        Miss Lou


          1. LOL! Not a problem. I usually try to involve myself in prompts or other activities that encourage interaction whenever I’ve been absent for a while – just so that I don’t feel so alone in my bloggosphere yanno…

            Miss Lou


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