Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Getting away

This post is part of SoCS:  This week’s prompt is “getting away or getting out.”

It’s important to get away. The schedule/responsibilities/routines/demands get to be too much after a while. Without a break, it is hard to keep going effectively.

My favorite getaways are with my husband, heading out somewhere scenic with places to stroll, fun shops to browse in, cultural sites like historic homes or museums, a bed and breakfast or small inn to stay in, and the hardest decision of the day being which great restaurant to choose for dinner. Somewhere like Skaneateles in the Finger Lakes or Lenox in the Berkshires.

When we come home from a getaway, it is back to reality and the usual stuff, but it’s easier to think clearly after the break.

Maybe we should get away more often…

Author: Joanne Corey

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10 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Getting away”

    1. The Finger Lakes region has so many beautiful towns, it can be hard to choose among them! We especially like to go to Skaneateles in the spring or fall, when it is not quite so busy.


  1. I think we could all benefit from getting away more, even if it’s not very far or for very long. I would venture a guess that no one has ever said, “Maybe we should get away less.” But I think I’d like to be part of the experiment to find out if that’s possible. 🙂


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