How to suddenly increase followers

I’m having one of my try-to-learn-to-be-a-better-blogger afternoons. I actually managed to get my publicize links connected.

Next, I was doing some work on my widgets and realized that it suddenly said I had 169 followers, when I thought I had 113. Then, I realized that my follower number now included my (tiny) twitter following and my (slightly less tiny) Top of JC”s Mind facebook page followers. I think my small non-Wordpress email followers don’t get included in counts at all, other than in my heart, where I love you all!

I guess if I really want my number to jump, I can connect my personal Facebook page instead of my public page. I have about six times more FB friends than I do followers for my page. LOL

I did decide to finally list the number of followers in my sidebar. I had hesitated to do so because I was afraid that people would not want to follow or comment on a blog they knew was so tiny. If I notice a drop-off in traffic, I can always hide it again!

Just in case anyone wants to expand their ways of following me, the WordPress follow button is near the top of the sidebar to the right. The email follow widget is just below.

My Facebook Page for Top of JC’s Mind is here: I invite you to like my page if you are on Facebook.

I admit that I find twitter a challenge. I have difficulty containing myself to 140 characters! Those who love to follow on twitter can follow me, though. I’m @btmum.

Maybe next time, I will actually work on exciting things like finally adding a photo of myself!

Author: Joanne Corey

Please come visit my eclectic blog, Top of JC's Mind. You can never be sure what you'll find!

18 thoughts on “How to suddenly increase followers”

  1. So long time you act just like yourself, you will attract the right followers. But be patient.
    If you wish to keep people coming back, you can try to write posts not too long also, that can be an extra help.


    1. Thanks for the advice! I tend to vary wildly in length of posts and topics and timing. I realize that can be problematic for people trying to follow along.

      I have not had the goal of having a large following. I wanted to make sure I could actually get posts together on a somewhat consistent basis before embatking on efforts to promote my blog. I am enjoying making connections by visiting other blogs and liking and commenting, so it is great when bloggers like you come and contribute to my blog, too. Thanks!


  2. The best way to attract the followers is to follow them back, read their posts, “like”, comment, and answer their comments. It is the same like in a real life: people stay with you if they know you care:) Have a wonderful week!


    1. Thanks! I admit that I don’t comment on others’ blogs as often as I should. I’m more inclined to like posts. I don’t know how people can keep up with reading the blogs of all their followers, though. Even with my numbers, my reader is always going along faster than I can keep up. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have thousands of followers/following. Have to give up sleeping! šŸ˜‰ Hope you have a great week, too!

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  3. I’m wondering what kind of difference it makes if you have a FB page dedicated to your blog. I know OM does this, and now I see you do too. I use FB a lot and have a large friend base. I sometimes post links to my blog to try to increase my Canadian traffic, because that’s where I live, in Canada, though most readership surprisingly comes from the States.

    I began slowly too, but views are increasing, though I am in a bit of a slump right now. Not reading enough. Not writing enough. My goal also was not to aim for the large following, but to have somewhere other than FB to gather and share my writing… gets a bit lost on FB šŸ˜‰

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    1. I do find the Facebook page to be helpful.I don’t have that large a friend base, but, for you who does, it would probably increase your traffic because you can invite you friends directly to “Like” your page, which counts as followers in your blog total. I also have my blog’s Facebook page directly linked to my blog, so every blog post is automatically posted to my Facebook page. I then manually share or post to my timeline, as well. It helps to get it out to more of my friends, given that FB’s algorithms limit how many of your friends get to see each post.

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      1. That’s very helpful. Thanks!
        I have 2 Facebook pages already on other topics. Do you know at all if there is a limit to how many pages you can create?


            1. Yes, I see that your front page works very differently than mine, so your sidebar widgets only show when one is reading a specific post. Still, it might be helpful to re-arrange the widgets so the ones about following appear at the top of the list rather than at the bottom.

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