SoCS: Empty Nest?

We are getting ready to move our younger daughter into a house she is sharing with friends as she begins grad school in a few weeks. Unlike other places she has lived, this house is unfurnished, so we are sorting out what to send up. In fact – shameless plug! – I wrote about part of that process for last week’s SoCS: Desk Excavation.

This week, we took delivery of a new mattress and box spring, which will be paired with a maple Ethan Allen bedframe that my husband used as a child. A dresser that was a gift from my parents for the birth of our older daughter, who is their first grandchild, is slated to go, too, sans the changing table top that has now spent many years boxed up somewhere in our house but that once was secured to the top of the dresser.

Will this move mark the beginning of permanent “empty nest” for us?


This post is part of Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday. The prompt was to end the post with a question. Visit the link to read more SoCS posts and read the rules and join in, if you are so inclined!

Author: Joanne Corey

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10 thoughts on “SoCS: Empty Nest?”

    1. Thanks for sharing the link to your piece! We are at different phases in the launching process for our children, so I can definitely relate to where you are now. Good advice for moving forward.


  1. It could very well be! I was excited for my eldest son when he decided to move out … and sad to see him go at the same time. The fact that he’s only living two doors up the street eases the blow though, I have to say. 😛
    Thanks so much for sharing this as part of SoCS, Joanne! 😀
    I’m still catching up on the past two weeks of posts, so thanks for the handy link. 😉


    1. I had to chuckle at the moving two doors away, given that my firstborn now lives a continent and half an ocean away from us in Hawai’i. My younger daughter’s grad school is only a 90 minute drive, so she will still be back for holidays and visits, but obviously not daily contact.


  2. We’re going through this as well. This will be the third daughter we’ve seen off into the world with 1/2 of our belongings and more than a few new things. It’s exciting and terrifying. The first few months of “Empty Nest” syndrome are the hardest. After that…it’s amazing.


    1. It’s nice to have company on this endeavor. Even though it is a common process, I appreciate hearing others share their experience. I feel as though I am somewhat prepared because we have had some time when we had empty nest over a couple of academic years. I am planning to take this new phase as a time to re-organize my daily routines. Fingers crossed that I will have a bit more time for my writing and will manage to get more poetry submissions sent out. Maybe I will even get an acceptance letter one of these days! 😉


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