SoCS – here/hear

I haven’t been here – that means at home – much the last couple of days because both of my parents have been in the hospital. I need to write a post about it that is not stream of consciousness. When I do, I will put a link to it here.

This is part of Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday with the prompt here/hear.ย

Author: Joanne Corey

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13 thoughts on “SoCS – here/hear”

    1. Thanks. Today has been taken up with the process of getting them checked out of the hospital and resettled at their apartment. I’m sure just being home will mean they will sleep better.


    1. Thanks. We have made a huge amount of progress since Thursday morning. I’m hoping to get the post finished by end of the day tomorrow, but I’ll have to see how much time/energy is needed for caretaking duty.


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