A tiny whispering sound

Today at church, we heard a reading from 1 Kings 19, in which Elijah is waiting for God to pass by. There are all manner of powerful signs – wind, earthquake, fire – but God is not in them, but in a tiny whispering sound that follows. We also sang the Quaker hymn “How Can I Keep from Singing” which emphasizes inner calm in the midst of storms and tumult.

Given that there is plenty of tumult in the world today – Iraq, Syria, Israel/Gaza, Ukraine, the ebola outbreak in west Africa, drought, wildfire, earthquakes, floods, storms of all sorts – and stress in my own life with my parents’ recent hospitalization and the impending move of my younger daughter as she begins grad school, I appreciated the reminder to listen for the voice of God in quiet ways.

Health care workers helping those in need of medical attention locally and around the world, a hand-made card and note for my parents from an artist friend who lives a floor below them, those working for peaceful resolution to conflicts, friends reaching out to ask how I am doing, those donating to feed the hungry, a visit from my sister and her husband, people sending out prayers for peace, healing, and strength.

The tiny whispering sounds of God and the movement of the Spirit passing by.

Author: Joanne Corey

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