First Blogaversary!

Today is my first blogaversary.

This is my 164th post, which includes some re-blogs from other bloggers and the occasional re-blog of one of my own posts.  I’ve at least proved to myself that I can keep a blog going, resolving what was the biggest doubt in my mind at the start.

I have been happy to read and follow other blogs, especially those that, like Top of JC’s Mind, are eclectic in their choice of topics for posts.  I am very grateful for Jason Cushman of HarsH ReaLiTy for his generosity via re-posts, meet and greet threads, guest author posts, and blogging advice posts.  I also grateful for Linda Hill for her features, One-Liner Wednesdays and Stream of Consciousness Saturdays.  I have connected to many blogs that I follow and have gained a good share of the followers that I have through following, reading, commenting, and meeting other bloggers on their blogs.

I am also grateful for my readers and my stalwart band of followers.  I realize that some are more interested in certain kinds of posts, such as poetry.  I’ve tried not to drown you all in anti-fracking commentary, which is a frequent topic in my daily writing.  Believe me, if I cross-posted all my fracktivist activity, there would probably be at last 500 posts this year.  Such is life on the NY/PA border! 😉

In the coming year, I’m hoping to learn to do more with images with my blog.  I want to get some of our Hawai’i pictures uploaded and re-post my travel posts from May with photos.  I also hope to continue to refine the look of my blog, either with a new theme or by tweaking the one I am using.  I am very slow on the uptake with techie things, although I did finally get an image uploaded so that ,when I comment, there is my picture rather than a graphic.  Score one for me!  I know it will be good if I can use images on most posts so that the Facebook and WordPress shares are more striking. I just need to learn how to do it without it taking too much time and fiddling and without violating anyone’s copyright.  The upshot is I’m much better with words than images!

Anyone have any advice/requests/well-wishes they would like to bestow?  Just pop down to the comments and let me know!




Author: Joanne Corey

Please come visit my eclectic blog, Top of JC's Mind. You can never be sure what you'll find!

2 thoughts on “First Blogaversary!”

    1. Thanks, Steph! I do appreciate the wonderful photographs on your blog, as well as your wonderful writing! Is there a way to subscribe to your blog by email? I do visit from time to time, but, because we blog on different platforms, I haven’t been able to figure out how to officially subscribe. AKA I still have a lot to learn about blogging mechanics besides image use. 😉


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