One-Liner Wednesday: Hildegard of Bingen

“The earth which sustains humanity must not be injured, it must not be destroyed.”
~~~ Hildegard of Bingen

I chose this quote for today because this is the feast day of Saint Hildegard of Bingen and because of the upcoming People’s Climate March in New York City on Sunday.

Join in with Linda’s One Liner Wednesday:


Author: Joanne Corey

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6 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday: Hildegard of Bingen”

  1. I’ve heard the quote before but had no idea who said it, let alone that the author had a feast day. Learn something new every day, as they say! Thanks for this, Joanne. I agree with the quote wholeheartedly. 🙂


    1. Hildegard (c. 1098-1179) was an amazing woman and way ahead of her time. She was an abbess who wrote on theology, medicine, and botany, as well as writing poetry and music. She had a profound connection to the natural world.


    1. I’m happy to hear that more people are learning about her. I think that her recent canonization – finally – and Matthew Fox’s book “Hildegard of BIngen: A Saint for Our Times” have helped in bringing her remarkable life and works to greater prominence.


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