New Theme

I am trying out a new theme for my blog today. It’s name is Plane. I’d welcome any thoughts you may want to share about it. My main concern, as always, is that it be easy for people to read. Thanks for weighing in!  (Comment link above post title on home page or below post if you are looking at a post individually.)

Author: Joanne Corey

Please come visit my eclectic blog, Top of JC's Mind. You can never be sure what you'll find!

5 thoughts on “New Theme”

  1. I like the neatness of it. But it’s hard to read your subtitle: “Eclectic Like Me.” I’ve had that problem with some header photos too. Wish they would let you do the subtitle in a different color. It is fun to experiment.


    1. Thanks, JoAnne. I realized the subtitle doesn’t work with my header, but haven’t had time to deal with it. I have trouble with header photos in general as I don’t often have long, skinny photos. This week has been super-busy, trying to get things back on track after the holidays/shingles combo. Thanks for commenting!


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