SoCS: Heal

Healing feels like a life theme. There have been a lot of health challenges in our family for a lot of years, some big, some small. The small ones seem to heal; the big ones – not so much. Though the situation becomes less acute, full healing isn’t possible. It’s hard…

So, instead of full physical healing, we have to work on spiritual healing, which involves coming to a state of peace and acceptance. It’s also hard, a constant challenge, but the key to moving forward in a positive direction.

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Author: Joanne Corey

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8 thoughts on “SoCS: Heal”

  1. You have just clarified for me that this is part of the process of getting older and wiser. We have to work harder on physical upkeep and we get wiser, grow spiritually in the process. When we do the spiritual work, it’s worth it. And you’re right. It is hard. I wish for you and for me, many moments, even days, of peace and joy amidst the challenges.


  2. Healing for mind, body and soul…there’s no right or wrong order. It does seem to be a constant theme for many though. People now are far more aware of the connections and more considerate to themselves for it.


    1. Sometimes, the body can’t heal, so the mind/spirit becomes the only province available for healing. It’s also vital when the physical illness is a friend’s or relative’s, when the healing one needs is not one’s own body but the spirit which is suffering along with the loved one.


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