Fastest response ever

Yesterday, I submitted a poem to the blog of an independent press that features a monthly poetry series on a given theme.  Next month’s theme is “Me, as a child.”  I submitted a poem I had recently written about playing on our school playground. By evening, I had a rejection notice in my inbox, which is far and away the fastest turnaround time I have ever seen. They wanted poems that focus on the individual, whereas my poem focused on children as a group. The positive part of this is that they invited me to send another poem, which feels much better than most of the rejections I’ve received which don’t give any feedback. I don’t know that I will actually submit again for this series; the only poem I have written that deals with my childhood on a personal level would take significant revision to use for this series and I don’t think I have enough brain power to complete it by March 31st.  This does give me confidence, though, to submit to their series in the coming months.

Postscript:  I was entering my tags for this post and was about to type in “submission” as a tag, but, in these days of 50 Shades of Grey, I thought better of it and opted for “publication submission.”  (And, no, I have not read 50 Shades of Grey or seen the movie nor do I plan to do so.)

Author: Joanne Corey

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6 thoughts on “Fastest response ever”

  1. Well done you, even having the nerve to send in a poem. I hope you continue to submit poems or writing. I am determined to do the same once I finish my course next month and hopefully time might free up a little.
    We can feel ‘rejected’ together.

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    1. To submit for publication involves a high tolerance for rejection, so it will be good to have another partner-in-rejection! 😉 I am still relatively new to submitting for publication and at this point have only one anthology credit to my name, other than our local venues which were not competitive. I have learned a lot in the past 15 months, though, so I know my next round of submissions will be much more polished than my earlier work.


      1. I too have one anthology submission, but I’ve never submitted any writing anywhere…. Yet! Keep me in mind for those rejection days and looking forward to celebrations too.


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