SoCS: delightfully short

I should be delighted that the SoCS prompt is so open this week. It was sweet of Linda to take into account people who are doing the A-Z challenge so that they can double-dip with the letter D and SoCS. Of course, I am not disciplined enough to do those every day kind of things, but more power to all those who are participating!

I guess I could ramble on SoCing with whatever is Top of JC’s Mind, but I should work on some of the backlog of posts I need to write. Well, at least the Holy Saturday post which expires today…

The prompt from Linda for Stream of Consciousness Saturday: use a word, anywhere in your post, that begins with the prefix “de-.” Extra points if your word ends with “ed”! It’s all about the fun – have some!  Anyone can join in!  Just go to the link above for the rules, which include linking back to that post so others can find your contribution.


Author: Joanne Corey

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