SoCS: very, very, very

I am very, very, very tired so this is likely to be very short.

I am also very, very, very behind on posting – and most everything else. My mom was in the hospital for blood transfusions this week; there is a backstory there, which I’ll get to tell at some point. And also a story about my poetry appearing in print. And about half a dozen other things I’ve been meaning to write.

Part of my brain fatigue is that I attended the first two sessions of this conference today. (Sorry – writing on Friday evening and scheduling for Saturday again.) It is fascinating but takes concentration, which is very tiring and came on top of not a lot of sleep this week. Two more sessions on Saturday and maybe a church service on Sunday, which would be in addition to early Mass. If I’m not too tired….  And I’ll try to write about the conference at some point, too. If I can wrap my head around everything enough to be cogent…
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Author: Joanne Corey

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8 thoughts on “SoCS: very, very, very”

    1. Thanks, JoAnne. I did get more sleep last night, so I’ll call my mom to check on her and go to the conference with a clearer mind today. With ecospirituality as one of the topics today, I might even feel strong enough to comment. I’m generally not fond of talking to more than a few people at a time.

      I hope that you also got some rest and will have a good weekend!


    1. Thanks, Linda. She needs to rest and take things easy for now. There are a few issues that are being monitored, hoping that we can intervene before they get to the “crisis du jour” stage.


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