nested comments

I just edited my settings so that comments can nest up to six replies rather than three. Now it will be easier to have more conversation in comments.

Granted, I don’t think I have ever had a comment thread go that far, but you never know! 😉

Author: Joanne Corey

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14 thoughts on “nested comments”

    1. Hi, Ann! Here’s how to change the setting. Go to your settings page. Click on the discussion tab at the top. Under “Other comment settings” there will be “Enable threaded comments up to (box) number deep.” You can change the number in the box there, and then click “Save settings” to keep it. It will give you a “reply” option under the comment up through the number you select. (Even if you don’t have a very high number, you can nest comments by going back to where there is a reply option and continuing to use it. It’s just that having the reply option makes it easier. You do need to watch out for how it will look with your theme. Because each reply indents a bit further, some themes will make a column so skinny at a high number of nested comments that it starts to be hard to read. If that happens, it is easy to change it back.)

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