SoCS: You’re leaving when?

I am almost ready to go to Hawai’i for five weeks. On second thought, that is almost entirely untrue.

In fairness,  I have been making preparations, beyond the obligatory travel arrangements. I’ve just been making them for other people – helping T move to Albany for the summer to start an exciting internship with the NYS DEC, getting things as squared away as possible with the elders, making plans for the spirituality group I facilitate to carry on without me, etc.

What I haven’t done yet are things like packing and making arrangements for the mail to be held and printing itineraries and copying important documents and emails into the cloud so that I can access them when I am 5,000 miles from my desktop.

So, now It’s crunch time and I have three days.

Ready, set, go!
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Author: Joanne Corey

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14 thoughts on “SoCS: You’re leaving when?”

  1. I’m always amazed at how many “other” things have to happen when there’s travel in the plans. You sound like me every time I go somewhere – packing at the last minute. 😀 Have a great time, Joanne!


        1. Hawai’i is amazing! I hope you will get to visit someday. We’ll see about photos. I am not adept at dealing with them. I still have hundreds from our last trip to HI on my desktop system waiting to be sorted and put online. Maybe I’ll deal with those instead of taking a lot of new ones…


      1. I don’t know about chrome book, but if you have a digital camera, there is a little card you can take out of the camera and put in your computer to transfer the photos. I trust my terminology will help help anyone low tech know they are not the only low tech bloggers on wp. 😉 I bet you can do it, but don’t stress about it. 🙂


        1. I don’t have a slot for the card that is in the camera in my chromebook. I’d have to transfer using the cable, except that the chromebook doesn’t have its own storage capability and I don’t know about uploading to the cloud. I might be able to commandeer my daughter’s system – or her expertise, which is considerable.


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