SoCS: vision

Last week, I had my annual vision exam. I have worn glasses since I was seven. I was near-sighted as a child, but now I have far-sightedness, too, related to age.

And my in-between vision is not great either, so I have been wearing progressives, which try to help you see well across all distances.

Last year, I finally gave up and got a special pair of glasses called an office lens. This pair of glasses is not good for long distances, like driving, but they are really good for short and intermediate distance, so I can read with them and, most importantly, use them when I am at my desktop computer without having to tilt my head at a weird angle and make my neck get a crick. However, they still let me see clearly about ten feet away, so I can use them for walking around the house without having to switch glasses every time I get up from the computer. I really love these glasses and I find my eyes are much less tired at the end of the day because of them.

I am thinking of replacing my progressives that I wear most of the time with bifocals so that I will still be able to drive and read and do kitchen work and such. Using my desktop is my main intermediate vision task, so I will switch to my office lens for that, but have the bifocal for general wear and being out and about.

And, someday in the future, I will need to have cataract surgery and will probably see better with the new implantable lenses than I have seen when I was six.
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Author: Joanne Corey

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9 thoughts on “SoCS: vision”

  1. I’ve never heard of “office lenses” before. Sounds like a good solution for the problem of always having to take off one’s glasses.


  2. Thanks for a practical update. I’ve had progressives for about a year now and the middle range seems to be working for the laptops I use at work and home. Good to know there are other options, too. I have very early cataracts my doctor says medicare will pay for those to be removed and he thinks I’ll be okay until that kicks in.

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    1. I did well with my progressives for a number of years, but the middle distance which I need for my desktop was just getting to be too low and narrow. I also have very early cataracts. It remains to be seen if I can wait for Medicare or not. It depends how much they progress in a dozen years.

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  3. I have three glasses cases in my purse – one for reading (the office lens: LOVE ‘EM!) one for distance and another distance pair sunglasses. I hate progressives. I tried them for a while, but couldn’t deal with the head maneuvering and subsequent dizziness.


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