Comment removal

I’ve just done something I’ve very rarely had cause to do – remove a comment from my blog.

Truthfully, I am not so inundated with comments that this is likely to be a common occurrence, but, for the record, I have a low tolerance threshold for coarse language and decided that I won’t leave it on my blog.

I admit that I feel badly for erasing someone’s opinion, but civility and respect are important to me, so I am making space for them here as I am able.

Author: Joanne Corey

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21 thoughts on “Comment removal”

  1. As you know I seldom comment on your blog … I do read it but generally end up making my comments on fb… To day I am breaking that habit to say…. If you can’t post a coherent opinion with out resorting to swearing and coarse language then to quote Alice’s queen…. Off with your head… 🙂


    1. When I first started the blog, I did approve each comment, but changed the setting months ago so that comments could post more quickly, especially for readers who are on the opposite side of the world and are likely to be reading while I’m sleeping. I’m hoping today was a rare exception, so that I can keep my settings as they are.

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  2. True enough, Joanne. And I’m with the fellow readers who say your blog is your house … it’d be like someone coming in and putting something untoward and inconsiderate on your living room wall. 😉 You get to decide the tone of the conversation here (I’ve eliminated similarly inappropriate comments on my Sophia’s Children blog, though thankfully very infrequently too!). xoxo Jamie


    1. Thanks for your support, Jamie. I was a bit concerned that this person would come back looking to see if he had gotten a reaction to his comment, but, so far, so good.


  3. Your boundary is refreshing. In my job I’m around people who use obscene language without even thinking about it, as it’s a normal part of some sub cultures. I’ve learned to overlook it to a point, but tire of it. Your blog has an intelligent, respectful tone that I admire.Thank you for being you!

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    1. Thanks, JoAnne! I know this language is common in some circles and can be used causally, but, in this case, its use was coupled with vitriol, which makes it even more disturbing to me.


    1. Thanks. I can handle respectful disagreement. I’m not sure how I would handle someone denigrating me on my blog. I’m sorry that you have had that experience.

      I spent a lot of time doing comments on articles about fracking during the years-long battle for a ban in NY. I initially tried to defend my comments, ignoring the personal attacks, but finally had to give up because it was stressing me out. I would still comment, but I would no longer look at replies to protect myself.

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