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I am not a big stats watcher, but I just happened to be looking up something and noticed that today I have one view but seven likes on my One-Liner Wednesday post. I realize it is because some people get my blog posts by email and can like a post through their email without visiting my blog. It is a good reminder, though, that some posts that don’t seem to be getting views may be read more widely than the stats show.

Author: Joanne Corey

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18 thoughts on “curious stats”

    1. That’s interesting. Unlike most of the rest of the world, I don’t have a smartphone and seldom visit blogs from my tablet, so I didn’t realize that those views weren’t counted either. Now my posts seem even less lonely! 😉

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          1. I actually disabled post updates via email since I’m already receiving more than a couple of hundreds of email a day. It would just overwhelm me further… 🙂


            1. I do the email notifications from other blogs as daily or weekly digests. But, yes, even that can get overwhelming. I just adjusted my settings to change the time of day they arrive so that I don’t get sidetracked with reading/commenting when I should be writing or tending to other tasks. I’ll see how that works out…

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  1. I read the majority of blogs I follow in my reader, but WP changed it recently so you must click twice to visit the bloggers site. I always visti. It seems wrong not to.
    Interesting post. i’d not thought about the numbers not counting.


  2. Also, those who read your posts from mobile WP readers are not counted as well. (I tried it myself…)

    This is very illogical to me since many people are usually reading from the WP app these days, including me.


    1. Thanks for telling me that. I can feel like my traffic is somewhat better than my stats – whether it is warranted in my case or not! 😉

      One does have to wonder, though, if WordPress can update their stats reporting to be more reflective of reality or not. If not, our stats pages will become increasingly irrelevant. Even I may go mobile eventually!

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          1. On my “insights” (on stats), I currently have 553 followers. However, when you click my avatar on the WP reader, you’ll see that I have 674 followers. I think that the number on the “insights” is the correct one but I have doubts about it as well.


            1. The insights number is the followers, with an option to see your email followers. I believe the higher number is the WordPress followers, plus your twitter and Facebook page followers who are linked to your blog through promotion.

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              1. No, since I have more than a thousand twitter followers and a around 200 email followers, the number of followers shown should have been higher if that’s the case.


            2. Curiouser and curiouser! I am not sure how many followers my gravatar shows in the reader, but my widget follower count is the total of my followers and my email followers from my insights page plus my Facebook page and twitter followers as shown in the Publicize box directly below on the insights page. I was just assuming the gravatar number matched the widget number, but maybe it is another kettle of fish?

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              1. The number of followers shown in the widget does indeed much the total number of wp followers shown in the insight plus email followers, twitter followers, fb likes, etc.

                However, the number of followers on the reader is completely different and makes no sense at all…


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