Fitbit – getting started

When I was visiting my daughter E in Honolulu, her workplace started a new fitness program and gave them all new Fitbits. E already had a Fitbit Flex, which she offered to me and I gratefully accepted.

I waited to set it up until I had gotten through the jet lag and backlog of stuff I needed to deal with, so I’ve only been using it for a week and a half. Given that I haven’t been diligent about exercise for months and months, I decided to start with a modest step count, 5,000/day, only half of the default value of 10,000 steps.

In order to make my goal, I went back to walking while I talked with my mother on the phone every weekday morning. Coupled with evening walks with B and running errands, I have been making my step count, including one especially active day when I made it to 10,649!

Today has the potential to be the first day I don’t make my 5,000 step goal. I seem to have pulled a muscle in my thigh, genuflecting at church this morning. I went for a short walk with B, trying to stretch it out, but it just seemed to hurt more, so I came home and iced it.

I’ll have to see what becomes of my goal today and this week. I don’t want to make my leg heal more slowly by pushing too much.

Leave it to me to have a liturgical injury…

Evening update:  I did manage to get 5,000 steps in, albeit more slowly and over a greater time span. I’ll have to see how sore my leg is tomorrow to ascertain if I can make my goal or need to declare a rest day.

Author: Joanne Corey

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15 thoughts on “Fitbit – getting started”

  1. A couple of weeks ago I used an app on my phone to track my steps but realised that it killed my quickly battery so deleted it again. Was fascinating though to see how many steps I took each day. Good luck with it. x


  2. I haven’t been using my Wii Fit much lately. I do still use the Fit Meter, keeping track of steps and calories burned, etc. and transfer the info to the Wii Fit game every few days. But I’ve not been using working out/exercising with the Wii Fit like I had been/should be. Just haven’t had the time or inclination for it lately. Hope I can get back to it soon. I haven’t even done a body test lately to see how much it says I weigh now.


    1. Good luck with getting back to your Wii! We have a Wii Fit program, too, which I used to use faithfully but haven’t used for months and months now. It’s on my radar for the future as I try to get back to a higher fitness level.

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  3. My husband has a FitBit, and I scam off of it. I truly love it and may graduate to one of my own. With our new intentional walking phase, we are tearing up the steps. But it’s amazingly hard to get the recommended 10,000 in a normal day. Hope the injury heals, and I too laughed at how you did it!

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    1. I’m glad you are able to do so much walking after the surgeries and PT. Good for you! My husband just got a free Fitbit through his workplace, but he is keeping his setting at 10,000. He made his goal yesterday and then laughed when he noticed that his step count was going up further as he was brushing his teeth!

      My mom is one of the faithful readers of my blog and she mentioned to me this morning that she liked how my sense of humor comes through. I’m glad I can give people something to laugh about. Laughter is good for the soul!


        1. My husband is wearing his Fitbit on his dominant arm, because he wears his watch on his other arm. I am, too, although they recommend that you wear your Fitbit on your non-dominant arm. There is a setting for it either way. Still, it would be interesting to watch the step count while brushing teeth and see if it changes. Maybe my husband is just an extra-vigorous tooth-brusher!


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