Olive’s Vision of God | National Catholic Reporter

Source: Olive’s Vision of God | National Catholic Reporter

I loved this article about Olive and images of God. I’ve been dealing with issues of gendered language in the church for decades and caught flack for setting a text in which God, portrayed as Wisdom, is feminine, even though the text was biblical.

Here, wisdom comes from the mouths – and crayons – of babes.

Author: Joanne Corey

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3 thoughts on “Olive’s Vision of God | National Catholic Reporter”

  1. I too love the reasoning of Olive.
    I always use “great spirit”; “God” is too male-saturated (because if it’s not a he why would there be goddesses?) Only one of many problems with organized religion for me. (K.)


    1. It does help for people to find the language or images that work for them in relation to the divine, which is beyond our understanding. Many of us who are members of organized religion translate or add to the images that are presented to enrich our spiritual connections. Those who are not part of organized religions are totally free to search for what best speaks to their soul. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

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