On my way to church this morning, I heard a report on NPR about the fiftieth anniversary of the Vatican II document “Nostra Aetate” which was a declaration on the relationship of the Catholic Church with non-Christian religions. The report also reviewed the horrible treatment that the Catholic church had inflicted on other faiths, especially the Jewish people.

I am very grateful to have been born at a time when I do not remember the church being against other people because of their religious beliefs or lack of belief.  It saddens and upsets me that not all Catholics have accepted this now fifty-year-old teaching. This gives the impression that Catholics are still condemning others for not being Catholic or Christian, even though most of us do not. Rather, we accept all people of good will as together we strive for greater love and peace in the world.

One of my favorite things about Francis is that he shows this attitude to the world. He regularly meets with people of diverse faith traditions, agnostics, and atheists. He often prays in silence in settings that include people of many traditions so that he does not seem to be pushing Catholic prayer onto others. When he spoke in Washington on his recent trip to the United States, he asked the crowd and television viewers to pray for him or, if prayer was not part of their own belief system, to send positive thoughts.

People around the world recognize Francis as a spiritual leader, not just a Catholic leader, because he does care about every person and, as he terms it, “our common home.”  Although he was brought up in the pre-Vatican II church, he fully embraces and lives the council’s messages.

The message is needed now more than ever. There is so much to do to improve the lives of people and the planet. We, all people of good will, need to move forward together.

Author: Joanne Corey

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3 thoughts on “acceptance”

  1. I have to agree that the modern times are driving people into “madness” rather, than into prime Catholic living. I have a lot of people around me, who went ot church, but they live as nothing has any meaning in words spoken there.

    I was having a time ago a word with an Catholic priest, very selfconscious and friendly, also very happy, and he told me that only 4% of people are real Catholics.

    I would like to mention one thing that has nothing in common with being Catholic or being some else beliefs. And that is, how do you live. I know I didn’t understand this until I get an realization and enlightement from the book [psi], and I know I would really hard change myself without help of this stories. I now imagine that this is what happens to the people around me. From the theory I know there is a lot less Catholic people than only 4%, and why is so?? Because every truth teacher from Jesus to Dalai Lama to pope Francis, they were and they teach the truth. But this truth is now so changed, that people believe in the things what other believe. This is cold hard monetary system and money. The one who are slaves to the money, can only very very hard change, and even so, they can change only if they will. But the reality that they live, looks very real to them, and they do not figure out, that the Catholics teach different living, not “being” something else.

    I have already written about acceptance through the theory, and I would just put this link for other readers here!

    Much love 🙂 !



  2. In today’s meditation from Richard Rohr, I read this:
    “Jesus, the Christ, is not a mere problem-solving answer to the issue of sin (various atonement theories), but in fact, the very meaning, purpose, direction, beauty, joy, goal, and fulfillment of the whole divine adventure. As the Book of Revelation puts it, the Christ is “the Alpha and the Omega” of all history and of all creation (1:8, 21:6, 22:13). With this perspective, Christianity need not compete with other religions; rather, authentic Christians can see and respect the Christ Mystery wherever and however it is trying to reveal itself–which is all the time and everywhere, and not just in my group. This is far beyond tribal religion; in fact, it makes all tribalism impossible.”

    I love Richard Rohr’s insights and way of expressing them. The link to the whole reflection for today is here:


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