Poem: Lessons from Mahler

I am thrilled to announce that Silver Birch Press has just published my poem “Lessons from Mahler” as part of their When I Hear That Song series.  I am particularly pleased that they found a copy of the album cover and included a link to a youtube copy of the recording. The song about which I wrote the poem begins at about 12:40, although the whole recording is phenomenal!  https://silverbirchpress.wordpress.com/2015/11/08/lessons-from-mahler-haibun-by-joanne-corey-when-i-hear-that-song-series/

Thank you to Silver Birch Press, to Heather Dorn of the Binghamton Poetry Project for teaching me about haibun during our summer session and for giving feedback on this poem, and to the Bunn Hill Poets who workshopped this with me and helped me to make it stronger.

Also, thanks to my friend and Smith roommate Mary who took the accompanying photo for our class of ’82 yearbook. A few people remember me from way back then!Joanne - Smith yearbook

Author: Joanne Corey

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9 thoughts on “Poem: Lessons from Mahler”

  1. So. You were also formed by the Ruckert-Lieder. Oh my goodness. That song… so amazing. I also adore “Ich atmet einen Linden duft.”

    I didn’t know about you and Mahler. I did not know.

    I love that poem.


    1. Thanks, Pat. If only I could sing them myself in a way that would do them justice. Have you ever sung them?

      One of the things that astounds me about Mahler is his ability to create incredible depth and subtlety while using large ensembles. I keep hoping that someday I’ll have the chance to sing the first movement of his 8th Symphony.


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