The poetry residency/workshop with Mass MoCA/Tupelo Press was amazing, but it’s a bit of a jar being back home. It is especially hard to come back to a week that is so far removed from my usual routine.

I spend most weekdays able to arrange my own schedule.  This week, with the Thanksgiving holiday and both B and younger daughter T on vacation, I don’t have my usual solitary time, so I am having to trust that I will be able to go back to processing all the poetic goodness from last week – and get to work on writing and revising I want to do. (Reassurances welcome in comments.)

Today, I got to see all the elders of the family. This morning, I got to share the video of the Boiler House Poets’ reading with my parents and talk a bit about my experience. I also got to play the recording of the piece (begins at about 12:40) on which my poem “Lessons from Mahler” is based.  It was lovely to share this with them.

The afternoon was back to reality, bringing my mother-in-law to a medical appointment. Things aren’t worse, but they aren’t better either. Sigh. At least, she is doing better than she was when she came over for Thanksgiving dinner a year ago.

And tomorrow morning, I will facilitate the spirituality class at church. Poetry may come up…

Author: Joanne Corey

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2 thoughts on “Re-entry”

  1. Holidays are great. But eventually getting back to a routine is comforting. You are probably processing some already in the back of your mind. Soon you will be more conscious of what you’ve learned. I hope your Thanksgiving is lovely.

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