SoCS: an even keel

It’s hard to be on an even keel when the water is choppy and there are rocks and storms and all manner of unexpected happenings.

There is an old saying/blessing/curse, “May you live in interesting times.”

Times in both the public and private sphere are definitely interesting.

Is it odd to wish that, at least once in a while, things were on an even keel instead?
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Author: Joanne Corey

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4 thoughts on “SoCS: an even keel”

  1. I remember a quote about appreciating a boring day because someday I will wish for the boring day to be back again. I know boring is not the same as an even keel, but what used to be boring to me, is now relaxing, and we do need to rest and take care of ourselves to ride the waves of these interesting times. Thought provoking post, reminding me to notice and enjoy the even keel moments when they come.

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    1. My consciousness streamed in that direction because B had to go away on business and Monday I brought T back to grad school, so I had planned a catch-up week after the busy-ness of the holidays. Unexpected things intervened and much of my catching up had to be postponed. B is home for the weekend but needs to head back out Sunday afternoon, so maybe this coming week will be even keel? I promise to notice and enjoy it if it happens! Thanks for your insights, JoAnna!

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