mochi ice cream!

When I visited with daughter E in Honolulu for five weeks last year, one of our favorite treats was mochi ice cream, a Japanese-style bon bon made of pounded sticky rice wrapped around ice cream. The shops in Honolulu had many different flavors, a number of them tropical fruits.

When I returned home, I tried to find mochi ice cream. I finally found some green tea ones at Wegman’s, but my body doesn’t react well to tea, so I did’t buy them.

Yesterday, I happened to walk by the case and there were vanilla and strawberry mochi ice cream available.

I bought a box of strawberry and ate one after dinner last night.

It was delicious, but the memories of eating them with E made it all the sweeter.
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Author: Joanne Corey

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21 thoughts on “mochi ice cream!”

      1. Now that sounds delicious. I doubt though you can easily get it in the rural British area I am living :-). Thanks for the explanation 🙂


        1. That does sound like a difficult location to find mochi! It’s easiest to find outside of Japan in places that have large numbers of Japanese tourists and/or residents of Japanese heritage, both of which apply to Honolulu.

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          1. I suspect I could find some in London. There are at least lots of Japanese restaurants. And maybe online too. I will research that once I get of the book I am reading. I should really be sleeping but well… If a book is called Tales of the Dragonfly … Who can resist????


    1. Western cooking does do a number of things that are dairy plus rice, like rice pudding or dishes with rice and cheese. The mochi covering for the ice cream doesn’t taste like or resemble rice. The closest things I can think of in terms of texture is fondant.

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        1. You’ll be pleased to know that mochi ice cream is nothing like rice pudding! Fondant is not something I’ve ever made, but I see it used in baking shows in place of soft icing on cakes. It is stiff enough to roll into sheets that can be draped over the cake.

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