the t-word

I’ve written before about my support for Bernie Sanders as the presidential candidate whose views most closely resemble my own.

I have not been writing about my opposition to the ideas and the tone of the Republican campaign, particularly those of the frontrunner whose name I use sparingly, if at all, so as not to spread the hatefulness.

This finds me avoiding using a word that I tend to use when speaking and, more sparingly, when writing.

The verb “trump” means “to be more important than.”

I can’t use it without clarifying that I’m not being unduly ironic.

I resent not having use of a perfectly good word, but not as much as I resent the way our Constitution, our values, and common decency are being trampled this election season.


Author: Joanne Corey

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12 thoughts on “the t-word”

  1. I recently came across a speech of Bernie Sanders – the first I have seen of him that made me pay attention. I have to say. I really like that guy. He is genuine and very easy to relate to. He cares (or is exceptionally good at pretending he does).

    I feel very sick whenever I see or hear the trumptus speak *shudders*. My goodness, the whole world will be in trouble if that man is elected.


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    1. I have known about Bernie Sanders for more years than Hillary Clinton. He was elected mayor of Burlington, Vermont, when my husband was a student at the University of Vermont. I continued to follow his career as a member of the House of Representatives and, later, Senator. He has been remarkably consistent in his progressive, democratic socialist views and votes. I also appreciate that he is not part of the party apparatus. Although he caucuses with the Democrats, he has remained an Independent. I also appreciate that he is raising money from regular folks, not corporations or political action committees.

      I remain hopeful that a Republican will not be elected president this year, especially not Mr. T. I agree that would be a disaster for the US and the world.

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      1. It’s great to hear some insight from someone who has known of Bernie for such a long period of time.

        I like Hilary as well, though have to say, I’m hoping Bernie gets the nomination and gets elected. Thanks for taking the time to respond πŸ™‚ Much appreciated!

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        1. Thanks for your comments, Miss Lou! Although I am supporting Sanders, it is more likely that Secretary Clinton will get the nomination because there are a lot of superdelegates at the nominating convention who are pledged to her. They are mostly Democratic elected officials and party officials and they are backing her because she is the long-time party establishment candidate. The good news is that Bernie Sanders has moved her positions on issues to be more progressive, so the party platform is likely to be much more progressive than it would have been without his challenge.


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