Revenge of the Fitbit – part two

Recently, I wrote about having to stop wearing my Fitbit because I broke out in a rash from the band.

I have been wearing my new (hot pink) stretchy wristband for a few days now and just discovered that I can still feel the Fitbit vibrate when I meet my step goal.

…which also means that this is the first time I have met my step goal this week.

So, yay, me! Making progress!

My arm is still healing from the rash. I am such a delicate flower!

Author: Joanne Corey

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6 thoughts on “Revenge of the Fitbit – part two”

  1. So glad you are back on track. And I have a very practical question. As I’ve mentioned, we love my husband’s Fitbit (I scam off his steps), but his wristband keeps breaking. Any advice on where you found your replacement wrist band? Not sure he’d wear hot pink . . .

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    1. To be fair, my pink is paired with a black one, which I am reserving for cooler weather times. đŸ˜‰ I bought them at Target from a company named Griffin. Here are there accessories: Your husband probably would not want to wear my ribbon style but might see a different style that would work for him. You can also check department stores for other companies’ products. More companies have started to come out with accessories for fitbits.


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