SoCS: If x, then y

If x, then y.

I’ve been telling myself some version of that for years. It usually involves getting through some major project/issue/development – the “if” – so that “then” things will calm down and be organized and predictable and under control.

It almost never works out that way.

I am finally wising up and getting to the point where I don’t promise anyone, even myself, some future goal.

Too much can happen that was unforeseen or that results in a totally different chain of events than anticipated.

The only constant is change and all that…

A lot of things that I might have seen as if/then are morphing into hopes, rather than promises or commitments.

It’s a way to retain some level of sanity/calm/integrity.

People who read my blog know that the past few months have been difficult for me, beginning with the unexpected death of my mother-in-law in March. I had to pull back from a lot of my usual activities, including blogging practice, and I thought I had an idea of when and how I would work my way back to what I had been used to.

Then, a string of other things unfolded and I have had to acknowledge that I really don’t have a clue when I will resume or even if it is possible.

I will just do the best that I can.

My if/thens will be confined to simple straightforward statements, such as “If I schedule this post now, then it will appear on Saturday.”
Linda’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday this week is if/then. Come join the fun! Find out how here: 

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Author: Joanne Corey

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6 thoughts on “SoCS: If x, then y”

  1. It’s good to see you here whenever you can comfortably make it. With my historical tendencies to be super-responsible and over-committed, saying “I’ll see what I can do,” or “I’ll put that on my to-do list,” is definitely more loving and more sane.

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  2. I am there with you… My husband’s grandparents died, then my Mother in Law died, my ex-husband lost his job (and was unable to pay child support for months) and we moved into my mother-in-law’s house, since my husband is her only living relative left, and it’s rent free, and we were broke. The internet out there is “limited” at best. I’ve been SOOO lax on the blog… Because I’m always busy “putting out fires” or working. One of these days things will calm down again, and then I will get writing, both on the blog, and on the two distinct novels that are dancing around in my head.


    1. I am sorry that things are so difficult for you. Looking forward to the day when things will be settled enough for you to get back to writing. I’m sure those novels will keep dancing and developing until you are ready to write them down.

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    1. I hope you have a good week, too, Ellen. I think expectations are a double-edged sword; they can be motivating but can also be paralyzing. Most of us live with some form of the delusion that we are in control of our lives, to a much greater extent than we actually are.


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