Is it over yet?

I am finding it increasingly difficult not to be discouraged about the upcoming US elections.

The attack ads have gotten ridiculous. I happen to know one of the candidates in our Congressional district and would laugh at the distortions being used against her in ads, were it not so serious. To her credit, her own ads tend to be positive ones, but there is a lot of outside money getting thrown into this race, which tends to make it nasty. Our current representative, who is a Republican, is retiring, so the parties are being very aggressive in trying to get the seat, and there is an independent in the race, too.

This pales in comparison to the presidential ads. Because we live right next to swing state Pennsylvania, our television programs are filled with ads, most of them from political action committees or super-PACs who have no qualms whatsoever about slinging mud at the opposition, even if they have no evidence to back up their claims.

Unfortunately, the behavior of some of the guests on news programs isn’t much better. It has been particularly hurtful to me to see the Trump campaign be so demeaning and dismissive toward women. Even as a 59-year-old, Donald Trump appears not to have understood what “consent” means, which is totally unacceptable. What is even worse is that candidate Trump, who has bragged for years about his extramarital affairs and his sense of entitlement toward women sexually, refuses to admit that he has ever done anything wrong in regards to his treatment of women.

He says that no one respects women more than he does and he often adds, “Believe me.”

I don’t believe you, Donald.

There are years of evidence to back me up.

And I know plenty of people who exhibit true respect toward women – and all people – and have behaved in accord with that respect for decades.

I have been dutifully watching the debates, but I am not sure I can make myself watch another one. The lies are sickening.

Just a few more weeks…

Author: Joanne Corey

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10 thoughts on “Is it over yet?”

    1. Hillary was faithful to her husband; I blame him, not her, for any repercussions resulting from his infidelity.

      In the public sphere, Hillary has done a lot to support the rights of women on both the national and international level and has a strong platform for continuing to defend and promote women’s rights.

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  1. When I look at pros and cons of watching debates (and looking at my FB newsfeed before the elections are over) I believe it would do me more harm than good. It’s okay not to watch if you want to stay healthy. A casual friend, just over the line of acquaintance, asked me yesterday, “So, do you think your boy Trump is going to win?” He was testing me, being careful. “He’s not my boy, but he is a boy,” I declared. Trump reminds me of a 12 year old boy who was not raised properly. Take care, Joanne!

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  2. MrT may be a cad, but I fear the Clinton campaign has crossed into criminal misconduct.
    Check out Project Veritas to see her campaign collude with news media. Looks pretty self-incriminating. Be well, and be blessed!


    1. I did look into Project Veritas, but I don’t find James O’Keefe to be very credible; he has been known to use very selective editing himself in his media presentations.

      I wish you and yours well as we all sally forth into autumn!


    1. I (foolishly) agreed to participate in a post-debate poll, so will need to stick it out no matter what. I do hope that voters will turn out and that they have given thoughtful consideration to the process.

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