SoCS: the end of no-shave November

Every November here in the United States, there is an awareness campaign for prostate cancer. It is called No Shave November and people participate by not shaving for the month. There are also fundraisers organized around the event.

My husband B has participated in this initiative in honor of a co-worker who is a prostate cancer survivor.

It is now December fourth, but B still has his new beard! He has been getting lots of positive feedback on the look and has decided to keep it, at least for another month.

For him, it may be no-shave November and December – and maybe longer!
Linda’s prompt for this Stream of Consciousness Saturdays was a word beginning with “sh”. Linda did everything in a timely manner; I am the one not posting until Sunday!  😉 Find out more here:


Author: Joanne Corey

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5 thoughts on “SoCS: the end of no-shave November”

  1. I am an avowed beard lover! Way back when my Accomplice proposed, he said, “Now I suppose I’ll have to shave, right?” I said, “No! Why would you do that?!”

    These days, he dyes his wonderful beard electric blue, and he’s gotten a lot of compliments on it – sometimes from very unexpected sources.

    Here’s to happy beardedness, and not shaving!

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  2. I had not heard of “No Shave November.” It’s a good cause. But I have to admit that when I saw the title, I thought it might be about not shaving your legs which would only reinforce that I haven’t shaved mine since the summer. Maybe next November, women can participate, too. 🙂

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