SoCS: Christmas wishes

I am tired of people asking, “What do you want for Christmas?”

Whether or not this is an appropriate question is a moot point. However, I draw the line at the recent ad campaign in New York State.

The ad instructs us to tell our legislature that all we want for Christmas is Uber.

New York State doesn’t allow Uber to operate here. I can understand why some people would care about this and want it to change so that Uber would be allowed.

But let’s leave Christmas out of it.

It’s bad enough that so much of the focus of Christmas has become shopping and gift-giving and receiving – material gifts, that is.

What I most want for Christmas has nothing to do with Uber, or clothes or kitchenware or other things.

I want peace. I want safety for travellers. I want a return to good health. I want people to help one another.

Uber? Not so much…
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Author: Joanne Corey

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8 thoughts on “SoCS: Christmas wishes”

  1. The commercializations of Christmas encourages some vulnerable people to spend more than they can afford on material things. I’m with you. We need to refocus on more important gifts. Wishing good health, safety, and peace to you, Joanne.

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    1. And to you, JoAnna! I’m sure with the aftermath of the floods and so much else going on, many people in your area are struggling this holiday season. Let’s hope we can concentrate more on supporting each other than on shopping.

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  2. I thought maybe I was the only New Yorker who didn’t like that. I live between Albany and Saratoga, so I think I’m seeing it a lot because, well, tourists apparently want Uber, and Albany and Saratoga want tourists.

    I’m a mother. I learned young not to get into strangers’ cars. People depend on me. I’ll trust my rusty old Subaru with enough miles on it to be headed back from the moon, thanks all the same.

    I want peace, too. Fervently. Money is lean this year – my Accomplice has had some employment surprises. But the kids are old enough to be willing to set aside the “traditional” Christmas stuff (well, our 15 year old son really just wants a family laser tag outing; he’s a minimalist). Our daughter has her Hess truck like every year, and a few other treasures on the way.

    And that’s enough.

    I wish you a return to health. And for both of us, and all other not-interested-in-Uber New York residents, a speedy end to that ad campaign!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I fear that the ad campaign has nothing to do with what part of the state you are in; I live in the Binghamton area and think that they are just blanketing the state with the ad. At least, the ads, as annoying as they are, have an expiration date of Dec. 25!

      I wish your family much joy in being together and cherishing each other in the Christmas season. The physical gifts are just a reflection of that. (I appreciate the Hess truck reference! We bought them for our girls when they were young. Now, we no longer have Hess stations in our area.)

      Thank you for your well wishes. As I was stream-of-conscious writing, I didn’t make clear that the return to good health wish was not for me, but for my mom, who is recovering from cardiac problems. I know that your well wishes will rest upon her as she continues her rehab program!

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      1. I used to work at a Hess, and we got them by the palettes just after Thanksgiving. Always sold out.

        There aren’t any Hess stations anymore. They were sold to Speedway; last year’s truck was red.

        I don’t think it went over very well. This year’s is back to green and white, with a speedracer, and the brightest lghts ever. They’re only selling them online, now.

        I hope your mom is feeling much better by the time you read this!

        Lastly, I haven’t heard one of those ads the last couple of days, and I’m happy about that!

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        1. I’m glad they went back to green and white! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and that you are looking forward to the arrival of 2017. Thank you also for continuing to think of my mom. Progress is slow but heading in the right direction.


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