SoCS: panic-inducing problems

Panic must be setting in.

Why else would I be up writing this post at 2 AM?

With DT’s inauguration less than a week away, more and more information is emerging about Russia’s influence in the election, and, even worse, about possible collusion between the campaign and Russia and about the threat that our incoming president could be blackmailed by Russia.

The problem is compounded by the fact that DT won’t release tax returns and won’t divest his business holdings, so there is no way to know if he owes money to Russian oligarchs or banks – or how many other countries or financial institutions may have financial power over him.

Further compounding of the problem is that many of his cabinet and staff picks have not completed financial disclosures and ethics agreements and that some may be confirmed despite that.

DT is also phenomenally unpopular. Public opinion polls show him with the lowest approval ratings of any incoming president and the approval rating for his transition is even lower.

Our Constitution does not prepare us for this situation. The Congress could impeach and try the president if their investigations show he committed high crimes or misdemeanors, but Vice President Pence would be implicated as well. If they were both out of office through resignation or trial, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan would become president in a nearly impossible governing situation.

Is it any wonder I am having trouble sleeping?
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Author: Joanne Corey

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11 thoughts on “SoCS: panic-inducing problems”

  1. DT is also phenomenally unpopular. This makes me happy. Enough so that I remind myself that Americans are known to turn nasty toward any celebrity who they don’t like. His downfall my come from the very people who voted him into office. *fingers crossed*

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    1. I think that the protests the day after the inauguration will be much bigger events than the inauguration itself. I do take your point about the unpopularity spreading even among his supporters. I just fear how much damage will be done before he and his cronies are voted out.

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      1. Joanne, you talk sense here. I only hope that the women who protest in Washington are treated with respect so that this doesn’t escalate into something disturbing. As for damage, that’s his speciality. So much easier to tear things down, than to build things up, eh?

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        1. Thanks, Ally. I do try to be sensible, even in middle-of-the-night stream of consciousness. I also hope that the march in Washington – and companion marches around the country – will be peaceful and treated with respect.

          It is easier to tear things down, but I hope that people power will give some protection. At least some of the Republican members of Congress will respond if enough constituents make noise on issues. It may limit the damage DT plans.

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    1. It is so hard to figure out what he actually stands for and what he will try to do. It’s been interesting how his own Cabinet appointees have been contradicting him in their testimony before Congress. The big question is what policy will actually develop in their departments if they are confirmed. No one really knows.

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    1. I’m sorry that the stress is reaching you, even far away, or maybe you have moved back to the States? DT is so totally unpredictable, that we will definitely need to see what each day brings. We can, though, work on contacting our members of Congress to limit some of the damage.


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