March Poem by Abby Murray

I am pleased to share a link to a new poem by Abby Murray, who earned her doctorate at Binghamton University and is a former director of the Binghamton Poetry Project:

Abby now teaches in the Seattle, Washington area and plans to participate in the Women’s March there on Saturday. She wrote this poem for and about her young daughter.

Bonus:  If you follow the link, there is an audio of Abby reading the poem, as well as the poem itself and a note about it from Abby.

Congratulations, Abby!

I already did a Just Jot It January post today, but I’m adding the link and badge here, too, so more people will have the chance to see Abby’s poem:




Author: Joanne Corey

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7 thoughts on “March Poem by Abby Murray”

    1. Abby is an amazing young woman poet. She comes from a military family and has done poetry workshops for veterans, but she is the best kind of fierce patriot who knows that everyone has rights and that they must be defended.

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    1. The Women’s Marches are motivated by care and concern so I’m sure the marchers will be peaceful. The danger is others who want to start trouble. It is worrying that some in Seattle turned to violence on Inauguration Day yesterday. I hope all those who want violence will stay away today.


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