SoCS: sowing and sewing

So, I used to sow seeds on occasion, back when we had a vegetable garden. We always had one when I was growing up. We tried to have one in our yard in our current home, but had to give it up when the groundhogs kept climbing the fence and eating everything. Now, we just go to the farmers’ markets and farmstands and let others do the sowing and reaping!

I wish I could say that I sew, but I am not good with sewing machines. I do like hand sewing, though. I tried to take a beginner’s quilting class years ago and really enjoyed it, but the problems with the tendons in my right arm make that kind of fine work difficult for me. So, I need to let others sew for me, too.

I’m such a delicate flower…
Linda’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday this week is “so/sow/sew.” Join us! Find out how here:



Author: Joanne Corey

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2 thoughts on “SoCS: sowing and sewing”

  1. I can’t sew. That machine scares me and sitting with a needle and thread seems too tedious. My Mom is learning to knit. I ask why and said she was going to knit me clothes. I reminded her I live in SW FL. What is she going to knit me??? A scarf?;) I’m not sure what I would use it for . . .

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    1. As a child, we used to play with my grandmother’s non-electric treadle Singer. Much less intimidating than an electric! I think modern machines are scary, too.

      My husband took up knitting for relaxation, but at least we live in a colder climate. He makes nice handwarmers.

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