SoCS: How?

“How is this going to turn out?” may be one of the most frequently asked questions in the United States these days.

Most often the answer is “I don’t know.”

There is a certain comfort in routine and predictability. but DT is proving to be about as predictable as a two-year-old.

I wake up in the morning and put on the news and am relieved if there isn’t a “Breaking News” caption splashed across the bottom of the screen.

It’s so confusing that every time DT says or does something, the Vice-President or a Cabinet Secretary or spokesperson explains that isn’t really what he meant.

It’s even worse with the tweets.

I can’t keep this level of adrenaline or cortisol flooding my body for the next four years.

We’ll manage, I guess, but I’m not sure how.
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Author: Joanne Corey

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5 thoughts on “SoCS: How?”

  1. I completely understand: “I can’t keep this level of adrenaline or cortisol flooding my body for the next four years.” That’s is why I don’t watch the news and rarely click on a video or read an article involving DT. Perhaps that is naive, some may say irresponsible. Sometimes I pray that, somehow, things will turn out okay. But mostly, I’m trying to stay well and saving my energy to support a future candidate. I admire your courage, my friend. Take care.

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    1. Thanks, JoAnna. You are wise to insulate yourself as best you can. I am doing less news coverage than I had been, although I still do quite a bit. I think I may avoid most coverage during the day tomorrow leading up to the address to the joint session of Congress. I may not watch the address itself but look at the analysis afterwards.

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