on being a violet

Since writing this post, I have been receiving lots of support, advice, and encouragement. This trend is continuing with today’s daily meditation from Richard Rohr.  A quote:

Thérèse of Lisieux (1873-1897), an unschooled French girl who died at age 24, intuited the path of descent and called it her “Little Way.” She said (and I summarize), “I looked at the flowers in God’s garden and I saw great big lilies and beautiful roses, and I knew I could never be one of those. But I looked over in the corner and there was a little violet that nobody would notice. That’s me. That’s what God wants me to be.” [1] Thérèse knew that all we can give to God is simply who we really are; or even better, “To do very little things with great love,” which was her motto. [2] That’s all God wants from any of us. It’s not the perfection of the gift that matters to God; it’s the desire to give the gift that pleases God.

I love violets…

Author: Joanne Corey

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6 thoughts on “on being a violet”

  1. Thank you for sharing Thérèse’s words – perfect for the “waking into the day” reading and note-jotting time. You’ve been in my thoughts & prayers. Blessings, Jamie

    (p.s. I love violets as well, and remember a tiny sign in the Cluny enclosed garden about violets and Mother Mary. Here’s a sweet post about the violet, Mother Mary, and the enclosed garden, with some natura medica from Hildegard of Bingen … you might enjoy this as well — http://blog.metmuseum.org/cloistersgardens/2011/04/01/sweet-and-low/. xoxo)

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    1. Thank you so much, Jamie, for your thoughts and prayers. I loved the link, especially the reminder that violets are related to pansies, which are another favorite of mine. I loved having wild violets and johnny-jump-ups in our yard growing up and violets in our yard here. I do hope that you are well, Jamie. It’s been so long since I have been able to visit your blog regularly or be out and about where our paths might cross. Someday…


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