SoCS: Words with Friends?

I’ve run into a bit of a hairy situation with Words with Friends.

I’ve been playing for years with both in-person and longtime Facebook friends. Occasionally, I also play with some friends of friends who challenge me. WWF lets me know in those cases with whom these new challengers are friends.

Lately, I’ve been getting challenges from people I don’t know.

They are all men.

Some of them have a much lower word strength than mine. My average word is 21. Some have no average word strength listed.

I start to send moves and then these guys start to chat. It tends to start with “Hi.” Then they may ask where I am from or start calling me “dear”.

I don’t answer. I don’t talk to strangers online. I’m perfectly willing to play a game but I don’t want to divulge any personal information to somerandomdude27 or whomever.

After a few moves back and forth without my answering the chat, these guys stop sending moves.

And then I win!

This has all happened since I changed my Facebook profile picture back to a picture of me (and a suitcase) after several years of using a photo of me and B on E’s wedding day.

Is it a coincidence that men started to try to chat me up on WWF after I changed to a solo pic?

Probably not…
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Author: Joanne Corey

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7 thoughts on “SoCS: Words with Friends?”

  1. Joanne,
    I have had the same problem although not currently. A few months ago I would get challenges by men with very low word scores. They would want to chat. Again after a few non answered chats they would leave and I would win. I stopped accepting those games and the problem has disappeared at least for now

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  2. I don’t play WWF but I sure have gotten a lot of FB friend requests from men with no mutual friends. I’ll have to notice if that decreases now that I put hubby and dog in my profile pic.

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    1. Way back in my early days on FB, I played a game where you needed to assemble a group of players, preferably 500, to make your character as strong as possible. I ran into trouble with men being inappropriate, so I filled my quota with mostly women, a few of whom became good online friends and diligent readers of Top of JC’s Mind. It’s disconcerting, though, that some people take advantage of FB or games for purposes other than friendship and fun.

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    1. I admit that I also don’t think of myself as someone who would attract that kind of attention. I am a decidedly unfashionable fifty-something with silver hair, not exactly what I would think would be a “hit” target.


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