helping out

I decided to postpone my planned post for today to respond to the Just Jot It January prompt of the day – “self.”

As my parents have aged and encountered more health problems, I have taken on more of their household tasks myself. Because they have lived for a number of years in a continuing care senior community, some of the cleaning and cooking is taken care of, but I have been helping with laundry, shopping, banking, etc.

Today, I represented my parents at the funeral of one of the other residents, who had lived there almost as long as my parents. She was also a stalwart of our church. She had been able to be very active until the last few months, when she had a stroke and other complications.

I was able to speak to a couple of the other residents after the service. They were upset, as one would expect. One of them told me that she had told my father he needed to live at least another ten years, which given that he is turning 94 in March, is a bit of a tall order. Still, there is one woman who is in independent living who is 110, so who knows?
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7 thoughts on “helping out”

      1. My in laws help us a lot with childcare… And my parents are too far to do that, but despite being retired, they fly to Finland at the drop of a hat to help my brother when they need help too.
        That kind of selflessness can never be forgotten x

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        1. It is such a blessing to have close family ties. They can be strong even when distance is involved. ( I need to keep reminding myself about that, knowing that my daughter and granddaughter who currently live with us will be relocating permanently later this year across the ocean from us.)


    1. I’m sorry for your loss, Anita. It is such a blessing to still have my parents with us at 93 and 86. We have lost both of my husband’s parents, and my parents have lost all their siblings, so we are slowly losing that generation.


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