I have often written posts about my parents, known here as Nana and Paco. I’m sad to tell you that Nana passed away last week. After months of declining health due to congestive heart failure, she had a few days of rapid decline and died peacefully with my older sister with her and the rest of the family able to gather quickly for some final time together with her.

Over these last few days, my sisters have been staying at Paco’s apartment and taking care of him, while my spouse B and I have been tending to preparations for the funeral, which will take place mid-week.

We are very fortunate that this week is a week off for my son-in-law L, who was able to fly here from London to be with daughter E, granddaughter ABC, and all of us.

I admit that my mind has been richoting from one subject to another. Now that the funeral plans are all in place, I’m hoping I can calm my mind a bit, but it remains to be seen.

With so much happening, I’m not online very much, so I may not be able to keep up with responding to comments. Please know that I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers that you send on behalf of Nana and our family.

In peace,

Author: Joanne Corey

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29 thoughts on “Nana”

  1. So very sorry for this loss. But remember you shall meet again one day. May the peace of Christ surround you and your family at this time and bring you peace.


    1. Thank you so much, Anita. When I was talking to my mom in the end, I was telling her about all the people who have gone before her that she can be with again. It’s comforting to think of them welcoming her into eternal Divine Love.

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  2. I’m so sorry you had to say goodbye. I too, have enjoyed getting to know Nana and Paco through your writing, and I’m glad family is there now to support each other. I’m sending prayers for peace and comfort and that you take good care of yourself.


    1. Thank you, JoAnna. I so appreciate your prayers. We’ve just gotten through the last big event and I think I need to rest. Next week will involve (yet more) paperwork.


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