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During the struggle against fracking in New York, one of my roles was writing comments on related articles. I was part of the rapid response team, so I spent a lot of time doing it, so much so that if I was at an in-person event that drew people from around the state, people recognized my name if we were introduced. I had done a lot of research, so I was able to present my point of view on many different aspects of the effects.

What I seldom wrote of was the personal basis of my views, which was Catholic social justice doctrine, which was always in my heart, even as my mind was filled with science and statistics and personal stories from our neighbors in Pennsylvania.

As time has gone on and my public role has lessened, I have more often spoken of the role of social justice in my life. This became easier when Pope Francis published his encyclical Laudato’ Si. While people knew that it would be about climate change, they didn’t realize how much of it would center around human relationships with each other. Francis calls this approach “integral ecology” and it demonstrates one of the basic tenets of social justice doctrine, care for creation, and another, care for other people, especially those most vulnerable. These are viewpoints that many people of good will hold and there are many routes to them; I just want to acknowledge the impact of Catholic social doctrine for me, which combined with other influences to bring me to this point.

(The link above has the entire text of the encyclical with the option to read it in about a dozen languages. It was written prior to the Paris climate change meetings which led to the accord signed by over 190 nations. Francis addressed it to “all people of good will” because climate change affects everyone on earth.)
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5 thoughts on “SoCS: social justice”

    1. There are many, many “people of good will,” including you, of course, who know how important it is to connect with each other and “our common home,” as Francis calls the earth. While some seem to have forgotten that, my hope is that our positive example will help bring them recognition of the value of connectedness and caring.

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  1. I’ve known you were involved in the fracking fight just from your blog posts but had no idea you were that organized—it impresses me. And I relate to the Catholic basis of your concern—it took forever for me to realize other folks see many of my positions as “political” when, for me, they originated entirely within my servant leadership training and were religious.

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    1. The fracking fight in NY was a huge deal, with lots of organizing, rallies, political bird-dogging, educational lectures, and press. Because I live on the southern border of the state near the Marcellus wells in PA, our area hosted a lot of the contentious events. It was sometimes scary, but we persevered. The science that is still emerging backs up our caution, as does the well-established climate science.

      I know from your posts how vital your faith is in your life. I appreciate your first-hand understanding of what I was stream-of-consciousness saying.

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