SoCS: How?

How am I supposed to plan for the future in our present world? Or maybe, how am I supposed to feel settled enough to think that planning is useful?

I don’t mean this in a personal sense. I learned a long time ago that things happen to ourselves and our loved ones in random and inexplicable ways.

I did you used to feel, though, that institutions, like the US government and the Catholic church and society in general, had certain rules and ways of being that lasted or that transformed over periods of time as knowledge advanced.

I don’t feel that way anymore.

Today, of course, there was a lot more news coverage on what the assassination of General Soleimani might mean for the future. United States citizens and businesses in the Middle East are considered most at risk, but there is the possibility of reprisals within the US or a cyberattack. It’s known that foreign entities have hacked into US infrastructure, such as the electrical grid. How does one plan for that? Should I wake up every morning thinking about what I would do if the electricity went down for weeks?

I don’t think I could sustain that level of alarm long-term…

How do I remain calm in the face of the political turmoil in the US? The upcoming impeachment trial and the legislative fallout from the Iran conflict and let’s not forget about North Korea’s threat to test a new weapon of some sort. And who will the Democrats nominate? What new rifts will develop among the already sadly fractured electorate?

Did all the people who hate someone because of their skin color, language, religion, gender, etc. always feel hateful, but we are just noticing it now because they aren’t afraid to express their hatred publicly?

Don’t even get me started on dealing with the maelstrom in the Catholic church.

As Greta Thunberg has reminded people so directly, how can we not treat the climate crisis as, well, a crisis that needs our concerted efforts every day? How do we not see the suffering from fires, floods, storms, droughts, sea level rise, deforestation, desertification, and ocean warming and acidification that is always present? Or how do we see it and still not act?

Wow, this stream of consciousness started out serious and just keeps getting more and more serious. For better or for worse, this is how JC’s mind works.

And I don’t know how to turn it off.
The prompt for today was to use a word with “ow” in it. You are probably all sorry that I let my mind stream on the word “how.” Join us for Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday and/or Just Jot It January! Find out how here:

Author: Joanne Corey

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9 thoughts on “SoCS: How?”

    1. Just remember, “it was ever thus” because it was.
      On another note:
      I just got a re-forwarded thing telling me that Bullying is not ever good and “suggesting” I pass it on to three people. Being in an already irritable mood, I saw that sweetly suggesting is bullying too. My reply was “stop trying to boss me around” I did put a silly smiley face with it, but I am very much afraid that the person who sent it will never “get it”. I had better start saying I’m not mad at her, right now, before she asks.



      1. I am not a fan of requesting forwarding, either. If I do share something in order to support a friend or cause, I will say that I don’t expect other people to share so that no one feels forced.


    2. I agree that turning off how you feel can be damaging and/or numbing. I also know that some would say that you can’t truly experience pleasure unless you also have felt pain.


  1. I don’t turn off my feelings, but sometimes I have to turn down the volume or take a break. Otherwise, I fear the despair might become too overwhelming. I give myself some relief by watching movies and reading good news stories. I’m not ignoring the bad news. I’m seeking balance for my health and sanity. I still care and do local community service. Perhaps we need to choose our battles and take care to take action. It also helps to vent now and then.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your wisdom on this, JoAnna. I’ve actually seen some emails or websites with self-care tips for taking breaks from these tough issues so that we don’t succumb to despair. It’s also important, as you say, to not try to do something about every issue, but look at where we can realistically help. And blogs – and the right friend or family member – are great for venting so that we don’t implode or explode.

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