SoCS: 60

Very soon, I will turn 60.

I’ll be saying good-bye to an old decade and beginning a new one.

I guess the bigger question is “is sixty old?”

Well, if not old, I think it’s at least getting there…

I’m not a big “numbers” person. We all get older one day at a time, so I don’t usually fret about my age, which is always one day older than the day before. I admit that I had established sixty as the date by which I hoped to have a book of poetry published, but that isn’t happening. A friend told me she thought I should give myself an additional year on my goal because I have been a chapbook contest finalist, so I guess I’ll go with that. I also have several poet-friends who didn’t publish a book until 60+ so I am in happy and comforting company if I do manage to publish my chapbook or something else in my 60s. Right now, my chapbook is still out in five places and I have three more prospects lined up for submission, so working on it…

Birthdays and anniversaries, especially milestone ones, do remind me to consider how blest I am to have gotten here. I think about my friend Angie who died when she was 54. We used to dream about our respective, then unborn, not-even-dreamt-of-by-our-children grandchildren meeting up at the lake for summer vacations. She does now have grandchildren, whom she never got to hold.

This will probably sound morbid, but, even in my twenties, I made big decisions in my life using the lens of “if I knew I were going to die soon/young, what would I want to have done?” In my case, this has often meant setting aside a personal ambition or accomplishment in favor of taking care of people and doing volunteer work. I’m privileged to have had a choice to make.

It has meant that there have been opportunities that I passed up and that were not able to be retrieved at a later time, especially when it came to my role as a church musician and liturgist. Much too long and complicated a story to stream of conscious-ness.

My hope is that, when I am old, if that grace is to be mine, I will be able to look back with equanimity and not regret.

If I can, that will be a grace, too.

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Author: Joanne Corey

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14 thoughts on “SoCS: 60”

  1. I can say you are not old because I passed the 60 year mark three years ago. I do not feel my age, so in my head perhaps I’m 53. I contribute it to a positive attitude, good health and spirituality. Whatever works for you, focus on your being and blessings, not a number. Happy pre-Birthday!

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    1. Thanks! My mom was born in ’32 and as her mother got older, so had trouble remembering my mom’s age and kept telling people she was 32. It started to get awkward as I was heading off to college and she was telling people that my mom was 32. πŸ˜‰ Ages are a game, sometimes.

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  2. Unfortunately I think there will always be some regret in life, no matter what decisions you make. I guess it is all about doing what you think is the best way. I also think that age is somewhat what you make it. I have a hard time believing that I have a child who is 22 years old! I mean I just graduated from college a few years ago (lol!)

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    1. The thing that I find myself always working toward is contentment. I agree that a lot of the sense of our own aging for parents is the age of our children. Unlike many of my friends, I had my children before I turned thirty, so I always seemed somehow older than other people my own age who either didn’t have children or who became parents in their 30s or 40s.

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      1. I understand that. I had two kids before many of my friends were even married. That also showed me their true side because many didn’t want to work on the friendship with someone who couldn’t go out on a whim…babies take precedent!

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  3. It may sound odd but congrats on heading toward your milestone birthday. I’m hitting 50 in January and feel…not bad about it? I guess? I’ve changed so much (for the better) in my 40s that it should be interesting to see where the next decade takes me. πŸ™‚

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