As I’m sure the whole world knows, the president of the United States is hospitalized with COVID-19. It’s been a bit difficult to get the straight facts on his condition, but it is increasingly looking like his case is on the more severe side.

He does have multiple risk factors, including his age, gender, and weight. He is being treated aggressively by his medical team, including with an experimental antibody treatment and with remdesivir. These are both given early in the course of the disease to help the body fend off the virus.

Today, though, it was revealed that the president is being given the steroid dexamethasone, which is usually given only to more severe cases later in the disease course, when there are significant lung complications and/or the need for a ventilator.

The medical team is even talking about the possibility of discharging him back to the White House, which does have its own sophisticated medical unit, tomorrow.

This doesn’t seem to add up. If his condition warrants dexamethasone, it would seem best to keep him in the hospital for close observation.

Another concern is that days seven through ten of COVID often see an exacerbation of symptoms. The president is only on day four. It seems it would be much safer to keep him in the hospital. It’s not as though he is cramped for space or lacking amenities in the presidential suite at Walter Reed; besides medical care, it also has its own secure conference room and kitchen/dining space.

I also wish that the president would temporarily sign over powers to Vice-president Pence in accordance with Article 25 of the Constitution. We know that the president has suffered with a high fever and times when his blood oxygen level has dropped below normal. COVID is nothing if not unpredictable. Foreign powers could take a provocative action, surmising that the president would not be well enough to respond appropriately. I think it would be safer for the country to have the vice-president, as long as he remains well, exercise the presidential powers until the president is fully recovered. Pence can always confer with president when his symptoms are well-controlled, but he would have the power to respond on his own if the president were to be unwell when a crisis arose.

The president and First Lady’s illness with COVID would be problematic enough, but a number of senators and other government and campaign staff and advisors have also been infected or exposed. Because the incubation period can extend to fourteen days, there are many people who should be in quarantine to make sure they don’t expose others while pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic. Somehow, despite the seriousness of the situation, Sen. Mitch McConnell plans to push ahead with the confirmation hearing of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. He considers that worth the risk, while he won’t put the latest House-passed coronavirus relief package up for a vote.

Voters, pay attention to how candidates on your ballot are handling this health and governmental crisis. Are they prioritizing your and the country’s health and well-being or their own power?

Author: Joanne Corey

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10 thoughts on “DT and COVID”

  1. Here’s the thing…from what I’ve read (but who knows what to believe), DT could be further into Covid than they are letting on. Further along than day 4. Giving a steroid early in the disease reduces the immune system’s ability to fight the virus – when there is still the capability to do so – so did they give it to him because he is further along? Who knows.
    I have the same concerns that you do (and you make perfect sense about having the VP more involved), but I am afraid that DT is probably still controlling it all despite advice to the contrary. It is disturbing. Fortunately my Congressional Reps are pushing for the health priority.

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    1. Not only would the steroids be early if the timeline is correct, they are usually only given when the lungs are severely compromised, which they obviously aren’t. I think they are just throwing everything they can at the virus, whether it makes sense or not.

      The stunt last night with the joyride was disturbing. If the doctors okayed it, they should all be brought up on malpractice for endangering the Secret Service in the car. High dose steroids also interfere with mental processing, which is all the more reason not to have DT in charge of anything at this time.

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      1. It is very concerning – the whole thing. The joyride was ridiculous. I personally think he did it to calm investors so the stock market wouldn’t go crazy today. And he needs that attention from his base lined up on the sidewalk. Putting people at risk was most likely not a priority. Yes, steroids can mess with your head! Who knows what will happen next….


            1. Agreed. He had trouble walking up the White House steps in that he was having breathing problems. He could hit a wall in the 7-10 day timeframe, which could be severe, given how bad he was in the first few days. Meanwhile, more staff are sick. Who is capable of acting rationally and appropriately in the meantime?

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                  1. I saw the report and can’t even…either.
                    I imagine there aren’t any “right people” left there to redirect anybody. I shudder to imagine the potential real life and death fallout.


                    1. A lot of people who are on staff are working from home, but the Secret Service and the staff that serves the First Family and keeps the household running don’t have that option.


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