After the January sixth insurrection and the inauguration of Joe Biden, I thought that most Republican members of Congress would decide to fulfill their Constitutional duty and cooperate in governing the nation.

I was spectacularly wrong.

Instead, the vast majority of the Republican members have decided to lie about the fact that the insurrectionists were supporters of Donald Trump who injured police officers and sought to intimidate and harm the vice president and Congresspeople. They are also lying about the integrity and outcome of the election, despite the fact that there were Republican observers and officeholders who oversaw the election and certified the results in every locality and state.

Joe Biden is the duly elected and serving president of the United States under the Constitution and the laws of the United States.

Any member of Congress who does not give assent and support to that should resign immediately as they have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution.

For the House members, all of whom run for two-year terms and so were also in races in November 2020, how can they say with a straight face that the results in the presidential race were fraudulent but that their own elections were valid? They ran on the same ballot.

The few Republicans who are standing up for election integrity are being maligned by their colleagues and the state Republican apparatus. The most salient battle at the moment involves Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming. She is the current House Republican Conference Chair, the third highest leader of the caucus. She is also the daughter of Dick Cheney, who was vice president under George W. Bush. She is very conservative, which used to be a hallmark of the Republican party. Because of her principles, she weighed the evidence and voted to impeach Donald Trump for inciting the insurrection. She also acknowledges that Joe Biden won a free and fair election and is now legitimately serving as president.

Although she retained her leadership post in a secret ballot of the caucus in February, there is likely to be another vote in the coming week that will remove her from the House leadership.

Given that the Republican party has overwhelmingly turned into the Trump party, I think that Liz Cheney and the handful of other Republicans in Congress that have retained their Constitutional and conservative principles should create a new conservative Congressional caucus. This caucus could engage in good faith negotiations with the Democratic leadership to give input and amendments to legislation with the prospect for voting in favor of the legislation when it gets to the floor.

While there are currently some Republican members of Congress talking to the Democratic leadership and the White House on bills, the Republican leadership, especially in the Senate, have made clear that no Republicans will vote in favor of any legislation proposed by Biden and the Democrats. I don’t know what would happen if Cheney in the House and Senators Romney, Collins, and/or Murkowski in the Senate formed a conservative caucus. The Republican party might throw them out, saying they could no longer run as Republicans in their states. In that case, they could either run as independents or form their own conservative party. Indeed, Murkowski has previously won an independent write-in campaign in Alaska and Collins, who just won re-election and won’t be on the ballot again until 2026, serves the state of Maine whose other senator, Angus King, is an independent who caucuses with the Democrats.

Anyone who joined the conservative caucus might lost their next election because of it.

At least, they would lose knowing that as public servants they had stood up for their country and their principles at a time when our democracy is under grave threat.

It’s what patriots do.

Author: Joanne Corey

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2 thoughts on “what?”

  1. That wasn’t an Insurrection, or a riot, although I have to say the right going on all year from Democrats and black lives matter activists cost not just a lot of money in damages, but a lot of lives. Do you have any idea how many people are murdered, robbed, or raped in that autonomous zone in Seattle? On top of that, the only person to die that day was a trump supporter, Ashley Babbitt, and she was Guns down unarmed by a capitol police officer. Isn’t that something lefties usually get pissed about? And as for the election, not lies, lefties again are always talkin about justice reform but fail to acknowledge the corrupt court system…? Or do they only acknowledge it when it victimized is somebody they don’t like?


    1. The video from the Capitol on January sixth shows people assaulting officers and breaking into the Capitol for the first time since the British in the War of 1812. An insurrection is defined as “an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government” so this fits the definition.

      There were other people who died that day besides Ashley Babbitt, who was shot while engaged in the criminal activity of trying to break into the House of Representatives. Medical aid and evacuation were given and it was regrettable that she later died at the hospital. There were three other Trump supporters that died that day, two from medical issues and one that was crushed in the crowd.

      The elections in the US are carried out by local and state boards of election, not the courts. There are official observers from both major parties during balloting and counting of ballots. The only role of the courts was when there were allegations of problems with ballots or procedures. There were over fifty court cases brought, but none of them had credible evidence to back them up and were dismissed by judges appointed by both Democrat and Republican presidents, including Trump.

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