SoCS: fingers

When I read Linda’s prompt yesterday, the first thing I thought about was fingers. And poetry, which is probably a good sign as I am trying mightily to get back to thinking more about poetry.

I am working on editing a poem in which fingers play a prominent role.

I have an older (unpublished) poem about how I still have a pianist’s mentality about my hands, even though I can no longer play.

And, of course, I am using my fingers now to write this. I know that there are lots of tools now that are talk to text, but I feel very oddly about talking to machines. Perhaps I will get over that one day, but, for now, I’ll let my fingers do the talking.
Linda’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday this week was to write about a body part. Join us! Find out more here:

Author: Joanne Corey

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12 thoughts on “SoCS: fingers”

    1. I know there are people who manage without them, but soooo much of what I do every day depends on my fingers. I was fortunate when I did have so many problems with my right hand and arm that I still had my left to take up some of the tasks.

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        1. That is what they say! While I am right-handed, my left side is stronger. I think that being a keyboard player was a big help when it came to later skills like typing. I can actually type quite well with just my left hand, if need be, and tend to use my left if I’m using a mouse to reduce strain on my right.

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  1. My poor hands and fingers. I have probably lost about 40% of the use of my hands and fingers due to autoimmune disease. I have a very hard to almost impossible time sewing, knitting or crocheting that I used to love. But I do still have hands and fingers so I am always trying to do things. Just part of living😺

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    1. I’m so sorry that you aren’t able to use your hands and fingers as you used to but grateful that you aren’t totally without their use. I’m sure the items you made back when you were able continue to bring joy to you and all those who have them.


      1. That is so true Joanne. I had a friend who was born with her right hand. Even though I am right handed my left hand is currently stronger. I am actually ambidextrous so I do switch back and forth a lot. I am glad I have that ability

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