being more northerly

Some people in the Binghamton NY area where I live have the unfortunate habit of thinking that the area has the cloudiest weather possible.

They have not been in London UK in winter. There has been very little sunshine in the nearly two weeks we have been here. This is partly due to cloud cover which is nearly constant. There hasn’t been that much rain, though there is some. It’s also quite breezy, all of which is typical of winter here.

The other reason that there isn’t much sunshine is because the amount of daylight available at this latitude is much shorter than it is in Binghamton. On December 22nd, when I arrived in London, there were nine hours and six minutes of daylight in Binghamton, but only seven hours and 54 minutes here.

One thing that is in evidence here, as elsewhere around the world, is weather weirding. It has been very warm for winter here. E has only seen frost one morning so far and the temperatures here have stayed almost entirely in the 10s Celsius (50s Fahrenheit). It’s unusual for it to stay this warm for this long in winter, which is typically, while not the cold and snow of the US Northeast, chillier and closer to freezing than what we are seeing this year. We are also having a warmer than normal early winter back home. In both places, it’s likely the climate-change induced impacts to the jet stream in conjunction with the ocean currents causing the unusual warmth.

At least none of us are having to shovel snow…
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Author: Joanne Corey

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10 thoughts on “being more northerly”

      1. I remember that post well, Joanne. That was a lot of snow. I lived parts of my llife in Alaska and some in Maine, so blizzards are not a totally unexpected event. This warmth is rather startling, however.

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        1. Definitely, lots of snow in both Alaska and Maine! The climate change impact in Alaska has been especially severe and scary. The warming has been worse and the loss of ice and permafrost may be beyond recovery. 😦

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          1. Yes, it is frightening. We have sadly become a society that accepts repeated horrifying events as part of the norm. We accept the violence, we accept school shootings, we accept the fires, the tornadoes and the hurricanes, we accept the floods, we accept the guns. At some point we have to stand and say no more. I remember when the world went on lockdown and nature started to heal itself. What a sight to behold!


            1. I think the pandemic should that the world can change in an extreme circumstance, so we can and must do it in response to climate change. Sadly, the acceptance of violence seems to be a US phenomenon, which also must be addressed.

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    1. Because of the Gulf Stream, the UK is much milder than would be expected. For reference, Rome NY and Rome, Italy are the same latitude. And, yes, it’s as sunny indoors as can be, allowing for the moods of a one- and four-year-old. πŸ˜‰

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